14 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday. June 5, 2014

  • Anderson, California: A now-former police officer pled guilty in federal court to a civil rights offense for sexually assaulting a woman while transporting her to jail. ow.ly/xDgmT
  • St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana: A resident has accused deputies of falsely arresting him and using excessive force during an incident that left him with nerve damage in his hand. ow.ly/xDgAP
  • Update: Jersey City, New Jersey: A police officer has admitted he stole more than a half a million cigarettes and extorted $20,000 from a person he thought was a drug courier. ow.ly/xDfc6
  • Marion County, Florida: Two deputies have been found responsible for using excessive force against a man who was killed in an altercation with them. ow.ly/xDgUI
  • Update: Cleveland, Ohio: A grand jury indicted six police officers for their roles in a police chase and shooting that left two people deadow.ly/xDfVC
  • Update: Parker, Arizona: The now-former police chief lost his credentials to be a police officer anywhere in Arizona. He resigned while under investigation both internally for policy and ethical violations as well as criminally for allegedly tampering with evidence.ow.ly/xDes8
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma: A police officer is on paid leave for firing his gun at a car in which teens were messing around. ow.ly/xDcIs
  • Anson County, North Carolina: A deputy sergeant was charged by the SBI with “failure to store a firearm to prevent access by a minor,” a class one misdemeanor. His 5-year-old son shot himself in the ear.ow.ly/xD6Fg
  • Update: DeSoto County, Florida: State prosecutors have filed perjury charges against a now-former sheriff’s deputy for reportedly lying to investigators about an inmate’s beating and cover-up. ow.ly/xD6fe
  • Jal, New Mexico:  An officer has been fired after authorities say he hid a video camera and released footage of his police chief having sex in the back of an ambulance. The police chief was suspended for two weeks.ow.ly/xCRrG
  • Update: Madison County, Tennessee: A jury has acquitted a fnow-ormer sheriff of assault charges involving one of his deputies. ow.ly/xCM7t
  • Boulder, Colorado: A now-former police officer was found guilty of illegally shooting and trying to cover up the death of a beloved neighborhood elk nicknamed “Big Boy.” ow.ly/xCmoY
  • Fulton County, Georgia: A sheriff’s deputy has been charged with fondling women involved in court cases. ow.ly/xCdDt
  • Bexar County, Texas: A sheriff’s deputy was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated after being pulled over ow.ly/xAGTx
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