Lilac Rose, Justalier, Keeping it real & Dreamshadow Need your help

Yes this incredibly dodgy site is not working as usual. I spoke to Lilac Rose, she appears to be banned, the good old cowardly censorship way again, which just goes to show you can post psychotic hatred but for shits sake don’t write anything poignant.

I've been emailing Keeping it Real and he can't log in at all but his account and blog are ok.

I twitted to Justalier, who cannot log in at all on PC, but all of his/her blog is there, it seems there is a new bug her.

Dreamshadow is also gone and needs our help.

So stop being lazy and send a message to the following link for EACH of these people because if nothing else you'd want them to do it when you go missing, and if there is one thing you can be sure of on thoughts you will encounter this problem eventually.

Go to the right hand side there is an icon of a letter click that and complain bitterly to BEN that our comrades are missing, thank you for your souls.

Gah! Sorry I mean thank you for your help!

Come up Thought's!!!!

This is getting old!

While I don't know the others I do know Keepingitreal......FIX THE DAMN SITE!


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