Warrantless police raid on Ky. dive bar

So the police have the right to refuse to let people leave a bar and to search them with a court order?

Bear in mind there was NO warrant!!!!

This unfucking real!

This is something one would expect in a police state NOT in America!

What's really fucked up is they can and will get away with this and or actions like this one!

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Comments (7)

  1. thehughman1

    so…how long before you understand what the Patriot Act is all about? We have been a police state for some time now. Wake up. 9-11 was a dandy event to take from the American people their right to resist government. And now…little by little…no faster than watching the grass grow…the thumbscrews will tighten. There is not one empire that went before us that it’s people didn’t experience the same in the end…as they went into decline…after reaching the pinnacle of power. Our government is not protecting my way of life…and perhaps not yours. My way of life just keeps getting more difficult…as food, clothing and housing become more and more expensive. I don’t need government to provide those things for me…but I do need them to stop making it more difficult to provide them for myself…which are God’s gifts to give. So…whose way are they protecting with their endless wars? And why…with our taxes are we supporting it. I say…that anyone who is against this way of theirs…simply stop supporting it with your tax dollars. Stop feeding the beast. A w-4 form gives an employer permission to deduct taxes…without which he is not allowed to do so. So…why do we sign them. And if we all refused…o by golly would you see a police state then. And worse…a slave country…but the mask would come off the American image.

    September 13, 2014
  2. GoldenPig2012

    I am SO tired, now, of the police thinking they must not, do not have to adhere to any rules or the constitution. I was taught, “the police are your friend”, now, 40 years later, no, no they are not. Yes, they sign on to a dangerous job I wouldn’t want, yes, they risk life and limb each time they go on duty, I don’t doubt that for a minute, the world is full of crazies, but……………………in spite of that, which they take on willingly, I refuse to believe they are above the law, refuse to cede my constitutional rights to them.

    October 02, 2014
  3. This comment has been deleted