Adult Whores, attention whores and plain old lies.

I don’t know why I’m ever surprised that people spend so much time here pretending that they are the defenders of freedom where they are actually just slutting for attention, I say slutting because I was a whore and let me tell you a whore does nothing without payment, whores are the consummate (giggle) professionals, sadly most people have morality arse backwards and most of what goes through their head as well. To be fair I write a lot of blogs about things I disagree with, the retarded right, the moronic left, bigotry, and so on, I stick my nose into everything. Am I right? In my opinion I am, and the reason I think so is that I don’t subscribe to dogma, political, social or religious, all that stuff - to me - is being told what to think. Its horseshit that the media and people with money tell you that you should believe, often its the least humane path but people love badges, flags and mobs to hide behind so they are only too pleased to pump it. It also makes for great displays of righteous bullshit that attention sluts feed off. And here is my distinction, an attention slut does it for their own blogasm, not for the greater good.

Does it change anything to blog about it? No, it doesn’t - ever, no one reads anything we write but our own friends, and the odd little bird who runs off to tweet about it to people who have bravely blocked us. Obama and that aptly named Boehner will never - ever read any of this much less pay attention. The only reasons to do it are for attention and to make fun at things.

Typically these arseholes side with ‘populist’ views, fear, which is pumped like so much spunk onto the public by the wealthy and its media. Invasion, terrorism, the marginalising of white people, the idea that everyone and everything is out to get you. That communists, socialists, feminists and atheists are out to get your country, your children and your soul. That rich white people will save you from all this, all we need to do is have a huge army, no tax for rich people and go back to the kind of laws that we had during the dark ages - ie the law of the bible only.

The really laughable reality is that politics these days is less about what is right than who is right, it’s no less than sport, yay my team won, see you next week for the same thing with no actual change in the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for religious freedom, believe what you want to but forcing it on others is fascism, pure and simple, and it doesn’t work, your morality isn’t everyone else’s, not even at gun point - um Iraq anyone?

So these twats and the rats that serve them demonise everyone but their politicians, where in fact if there is anyone who is evil on this planets its those very same ones. Talk about sheeple!

The west seems to be obsessed at the moment about invasions from poor countries and how we don’t have the resources to take in refugees - we even call them names - ‘illegal’ immigrants, the fuck is that? What we spent all our money on weapons, wars and tax breaks for the rich so - we can’t afford to help the poor.

And while I’m on a ranty roll the right wing having a cry over who can and can’t have contraception and or morning after pills? Because they are religious and so that’s ok – the law is only appreciable to people who are not religious?  Apparently if you have an issue with employers deciding on that you are a feminists - which is a bad thing (wtf) - you are a ‘feminine gentlemen’ I’m going to assume that means gay but our very own Hodor hasn’t the nerve to say that. So I take it that women’s rights are silly, and subject to religious ones and the ideas of the corrupt and sexually suspect.

This place is about opinion, but I wonder why most of the time its men who make policy - and sensationalist blogs about our bodies, why don’t you just stick to worrying about your prostate ok?

Say what you want, believe what you want but don’t pretend that you and I and everyone here does not like attention, otherwise we wouldn’t be here would we? People who blog about others saying that they will write anything to get attention - oh? So what are you doing? Saving the world or just being a sheep. I’ve been recently accused of slandering my audience, talking down to people who follow me, but as far as I’m concerned I think those people are smart enough to understand satire, what is and what isn’t a generalisation, and just who I am addressing with my more sarcastic posts and its not them.

I like attention, I admit it, and so do you, but you’re not reading this right, someone else told you about it?

Lighten the fuck up.

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Comments (8)

  1. gbakere

    I often think about getting off thoughts because it really is a waste of time. That said, it helps me to hone my debating skills and forces me to research material pertinent to my posts and comments. It also forces me to read articles posted by others. I’m a poor reader so it’s all good I guess. After all…I just read all the way through your stupid post…then I posted this stupid comment.

    July 04, 2014
    1. geargrinder2012

      Lol, I attention span is limited as well….
      The article has be something I find interesting…
      Like this one…hence me reposting it…

      July 04, 2014
  2. miss-ranty-pants

    Thanks for the repost!

    July 05, 2014